The evening sky

Evening sky

A pessimist sees only the dark side of the clouds, and mopes; a philosopher sees both sides, and shrugs; an optimist doesn’t see the clouds at all – he’s walking on them.

-Leonard Louis Levinson

I used to call myself an optimist. But then, I couldn’t have taken pictures of the clouds standing on them, could I? Blogging is turning me into a philosopher. *shrugs* (captures a picture before shrugging)  ;)

Which type of person are you?

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The Importance of Sanitation, and Hygiene

Water is a basic necessity, and an important resource for sustaining life. The decline in water quality endangers the health of humans as well as the ecosystem. Clean drinking water, hygiene, and sanitation play an important part in maintaining health.

Contaminated water causes many water-borne infections like diarrhea, and also serves as a carrier for vectors such as mosquitoes spreading epidemics. Continue reading The Importance of Sanitation, and Hygiene

WEP – Spectacular settings

My entry into the world of imagination was facilitated through Alice in Wonderland. So, even after all these years Wonderland remains one of my favourite settings. Narnia follows suit among many others.

Above the dam there was what ought to have been a deep pool but was now, of course, a level floor of dark green ice. And below the dam, much lower down, was more ice, but instead of being smooth this was all frozen into the foamy and wavy shapes in which the water had been rushing along at the very moment when the frost came. And where the water had been trickling over and spurting through the dam there was now a glittering wall of icicles, as if the side of the dam had been covered all over with flowers and wreaths and festoons of the purest sugar. And out in the middle, and partly on top of the dam was a funny little house shaped rather like an enormous beehive and from a hole in the roof smoke was going up, so that when you saw it (especially if you were hungry) you at once thought of cooking and became hungrier than you were before.

-The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Spectacular settings
WEP- Spectacular settings

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Book Review: The Murderer’s Daughter

Book: The Murderer’s daughter

Author: Johnathan Kellerman

Publisher:  Random House – Ballantine (August 18th 2015)

Hardcover: 384 pages


Book cover- The murderer's daughter


The murderer’s daughter is a character-driven thriller portraying the life of a bold and brilliant psychologist, Dr Grace Blades. Grace helps troubled people, specially those who have lost their loved ones. She herself has lost her parents in a murder-suicide when she was five. Passing through a chain of foster homes, she finally finds a loving family. But, she still has a dark side, and leads a double life.

A new client, Andrew Toner, finds her through an article she has written about the psychological aspects of being related to a murderer. He recognises her from their recent encounter. He is hesitant to talk, and leaves within a few minutes. The next day, a homicide detective turns up at her door with the news of his death. Continue reading Book Review: The Murderer’s Daughter

Review: Aplava

The first time I heard the word Aplava was when Shristi from Sheroes called me for a review. Later, I found that Aplava is a Sanskrit word, which means taking a bath to purify oneself – an ablution process of cleansing oneself. And I thought, what an apt name for a beauty website!

I was intrigued, and suspicious.

For me, the first factor in buying any cosmetic product is trust. There is no way I’d risk using any duplicate stuff. When I saw that Aplava deals directly with manufacturers/authorized dealers, I was relieved. Continue reading Review: Aplava


My Nikon DSLR reminds me of the worst time, and the best people in my life.

16 October 2011, my best friend’s birthday. We visited butterfly park that day. The sun was still mellow when we started, and the butterflies restless. Then followed, chasing butterflies around the lush gardens, fabulous lunch, a movie, and catching up on old times.

The next two days, I bugged my family with pictures of lovely butterflies captured with my Nikon coolpix.

They were happy times.

Then, they weren’t. Continue reading Cherished

Book Review: A Minute to Death

Book:  A Minute to Death

Author: Ganga Bharani

Publisher: Half Baked Beans  (July 2015)

Paperback: 140 pages

Rating: 4.2/5

Book Review: A minute to death

I was eagerly waiting for the thriller, “A minute to death”. Not only because the author Ganga Bharani is a co-blogger and a friend, but because I’ve read her debut novel, “Just you, me, and a secret”. After reading this novel, I’m glad to say it lives up to my expectation. A minute to death is a riveting thriller leading to an unanticipated ending.

Book Review:

The novel begins at the Raghavan colony where a young girl, Avanthika is found hanging in her room. An aspiring writer Riya also arrives there. She has persuaded her boyfriend Inspector Rohan to let her study the crime scene. How else can she write a realistic description of a crime scene in her novel?

Rohan has chosen this case as it looks like an open-and-shut suicide case. As he unravels the mystery that is Avanthika’s life, some things don’t add up. The mystery deepens as one more victim is found in similar circumstances. Have the girls really committed suicide or is there a serial killer on the loose? The plot keeps you guessing, and leads up to the unexpected climax, and a beautifully written epilogue. Continue reading Book Review: A Minute to Death