The sea and me

Sunset solitude

My history with the sea goes way back to the moment of my birth. I was born near the sea (in a hospital, of course). To be precise, the hospital was located on the banks of River Mandovi but fifteen minutes from there, and Mandovi meets the Arabian sea. That was my association with the sea. After that I had nothing to do with it. When people go to the beach to enjoy and sometimes, there’s a girl among them who is like  “What’s so great about this?” That girl used to be me much to the irritation of my friends. Frankly, it wasn’t just the sea. I had problem with all water forms except the rain and drinking water.

Then, I started writing and I realized the sea had become my nemesis. Whatever the story was about, the sea managed to creep in it. If the plot had nothing to do with the sea( which was rare much to my annoyance), it took place in a beach town. I had to spend more time editing the sea out than actual writing. After a short period when I spitefully changed the plot just to erase the sea influence, I decided to give us a chance.

My first rendezvous with the sea itself proved yet again that I was foolishly obstinate. I realized that you cannot enjoy the life on earth if you chose to avoid more than 70% of it.


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