The pet that would have been

I really wanted a pet since childhood but my mother had strict code, ‘you can’t have one till you learn to take care of it’. Since, I never fulfilled the criteria till now, I had to live a life without a pet.The moment I laid my eyes on the black moor in aqualife, I loved it. I wanted to take it home and care for it though my childhood favourite was a puppy.


You must be wondering what happened due to the title which doesn’t say my lovely pet or something to that effect. Actually, I recollected a story I’d read as a child. There was a fisherman Amos who went sea-fishing and was about to catch a very big fish instead the fish catches him. It gave Amos as a pet to his daughter and poor Amos had the worst time of his life. I know what you are thinking. Yes, I have the pungent for remembering the wrong stories at the wrong time.

Naturally, I got to thinking what would have happened if the black moor had loved me and carried me off as a pet in its house. I was sure I wouldn’t have liked it though I really love a life where I don’t have to work and someone would take care of my needs. Then, I thought how can I find out if the black moor loves to stay in the aquarium? I couldn’t.

I came up with a natural conclusion that I couldn’t take it home. I had to be satisfied with a long distance relationship where I hope it’s happy and hopefully it knows that I still love it. I know there isn’t any way that my fish can go back to its real home. I guess not everyone is aware of Amos’ story.



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