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I love looking at the clouds. My favourite pastime in childhood was wondering if there was different world on the clouds and if there was any way to relocate there. I had once seen cotton candy made. That made me wonder if some one was sitting up there making these clouds.

Have you ever imagined different shapes of clouds coming to life? This always reminds me of the comic strip Peanuts where Linus describes the clouds.

‘Classic Peanuts’ by Charles M. Schulz
Image courtesy: Gocomics

Mangeshi temple, Goa

The temple of Shri Mangesh is located in Mangeshi village, in Ponda taluka, Goa.  One of the largest temple in Goa, it is simple yet elegant. The presiding deity is Mangireesh who is none other than Lord Shiva Himself.

Mangeishi temple

At the entrance of the temple is a beautiful seven storey Deepastamba ( tower of lights). It presents an enchanting sight on festival nights when it is lit with traditional lamps.


For more information on the temple, check out the official website of Shri Mangesh Devasthan.

The blooming tulip

DSC_0762A blooming flower always inspires.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is located in Old Goa and is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is considered a best example of baroque architecture in India.

Basilica of Bom Jesus


The difference

The difference

I saw the sea as the silent form of life, patient, calm and gracious. Then, I saw its terrible form, ferocious, wild and destructive. I was confused.

I asked the sea, “which one is the real you? Are you the thoughtful and tolerant one? Or are you the inconsiderate and roaring one?”

The sea smiled and answered, “What’s the difference?” Continue reading The difference

Shanta Durga Temple, Goa

Shanta Durga temple is a fusion of Indo-Portuguese architecture. It is situated in Kavlem in Ponda district of north Goa.

Shanta Durga Temple Goa.

Nature’s bouquet

Nature's bouquet
Beautiful garden of flowers

Sometimes, words fail to describe feelings or rather description isn’t necessary.

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Breathtaking landscape


I love the sunsets, the way you can stare directly at the sun who isn’t glaring at you like the afternoon sun, the reddish-orange colour of the sky. I think, the colour suits the sky better than its regular blue. I would have loved the sun-rise too had I been an early riser. Well, you can’t have everything.  😉

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The sea at night

night sea

Calm air, gushing ocean, solitude and the feeling of bliss. That’s my definition of peace.

What’s yours?