The difference

The difference

I saw the sea as the silent form of life, patient, calm and gracious. Then, I saw its terrible form, ferocious, wild and destructive. I was confused.

I asked the sea, “which one is the real you? Are you the thoughtful and tolerant one? Or are you the inconsiderate and roaring one?”

The sea smiled and answered, “What’s the difference?”

The difference?

I was stunned. The only similarity I could see was that both the forms were photogenic. I persisted and asked again, “one is the form of life and the other one of death. Which is the real you?

The sea repeated, “what’s the difference?” But, it must have seen my expression for it continued, “I am the complete one.”

the difference

What do you think is the difference?


13 thoughts on “The difference

  1. Indeed It is complete…As there is no Happiness without Sadness,NO Rich without Poor the Same goes for the sea,No Calmness without being ferocious at times..Lovely Captures.. 😀

  2. Absolutely Fantastic!

    As if the sea says…

    Where do you think you come from?

    I am the creator, preserver and destroyer of life
    The happiness in a smile, the pain in a strife
    I create in waves peaceful and vast
    Destroy in fury, ruthless and fast
    And deep below beyond future and past
    Preserve the truth that forever lasts

    Birth life and death are just various forms
    But I am the truth that prevails beyond all norms
    Ideas are born, most die some last
    Universe is mysterious, beautiful and vast
    You come and go, what is the difference?
    I create and destroy, what is the difference?

    The sea creates in peace and destroys in fury… there is no difference. The difference only when something cannot be destroyed… That something is what we mortals call a noble idea…

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