Mangeshi temple, Goa

The temple of Shri Mangesh is located in Mangeshi village, in Ponda taluka, Goa.Β  One of the largest temple in Goa, it is simple yet elegant. The presiding deity is Mangireesh who is none other than Lord Shiva Himself.

Mangeishi temple

At the entrance of the temple is a beautiful seven storey Deepastamba ( tower of lights). It presents an enchanting sight on festival nights when it is lit with traditional lamps.


For more information on the temple, check out the official website of Shri Mangesh Devasthan.


16 thoughts on “Mangeshi temple, Goa

  1. I was here in the month of August and loved the space around it.. After visiting Mangesh Temple, we went to spice plantation.. and how can I forget the cachews & Kokum syrup, which we bought just outside the Temple πŸ™‚

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