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Versatile Blogger Award

I am so happy to have another versatile blogger award. I thank Visala from the bottom of my heart for passing me the award. You can read her post here.



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Wordless Wednesday -Enchanting

Wordless wednesday

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Yummy mangoes.

I always get a craving for mangoes around this year when there are none available and no, Maaza isn’t a worthy substitute. I can’t have mangoes now but i can definitely look at pictures of mangoes and wait for April when our garden and the market starts flooding with mangoes.

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Little buds

There is no glory in star or blossom till looked upon by a loving eye; There is no fragrance in April breezes till breathed with joy as they wander by. -William C. Bryant.

born to bloomBorn to bloom

colours of nature-1

Mango bloom

The mango tree inside our society compound is my favourite. It blooms 3-4 times a year.  The delicate green flowers turning to greenish red and then red is a sight to behold.

Have you wondered about the changing colours in the garden?

A worthy cause-1

Green Coalition Network

Activity: Green Coalition Network is an independent non-governmental environmental advocacy organization that was informally founded in the year 2000.

Green Coalition is dedicated to improving public health standards, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development & ethical business.

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Diwali has come and gone. All the radiance and decorations will soon become a distant memory. I hope that the spirit of the festival continues in our heart. The light and laughter which filled the festival visits us everyday.

Rangoli -1


Rangoli time

Diwali is the time when you get the chance to adorn your house with decorations. Rangoli is one of those adornments.  It is a decorative design drawn in living rooms and front of the houses. It serves as a welcome sign too.


Festival of light

India is a land of festivals. We always have reasons to celebrate. This time it is Diwali, the festival of lights. This is one of the bigger festivals which continues for almost five days.


If you closely observe the gist of every reason of all the festivals, is triumph of good over evil. With every festival, we remind us of the eternal fact. However powerful evil might be, it can always be defeated. On this auspicious day of Diwali, let us all make a resolve to stand up against the social evils like inequality, poverty, exploitation, child abuse… with hope for a better future for all.

Wish you a happy Diwali and a prosperous new year.