Monthly Archives: January 2014

Musings of the night

Night brings darkness but the moonlight still holds the promise of a new day.

The way moon reflects the sunlight, your thoughts are the reflection of your inner voice. Let your inner voice show. The way to brighten your day is to be your own sun instead of being a moon and reflecting someone else’s thoughts. If your thoughts aren’t original, how can you expect them to light your life? The sun makes a day, all moon does is give a small hope in the darkness of light.


Art in progress


art in progressMy neighbor is  learning to draw murals. She has used charcoal to draw outlines on the wall. Hope she realizes her dream of getting admitted to fine arts college.

Here’s the completed mural.

The sea, a solace



It feels so wonderful to sit by the sea, away from the crowd and congestion, stress and strife. It doesn’t matter how much technology advances,  man still seeks solace in nature.