An enigma

Sea-an enigma

The sea remains an enigma, familiar yet strange.

It seems so vast, limitless, but does have boundaries.

The waves struggle to reach the shore; once they touch the shore, rush back.

The sea is full of water, our prime necessity, yet the water isn’t drinkable.

It serves to show us that you can’t be certain of anything in life.

All you know might be true yet it may not be what you think.





10 thoughts on “An enigma

  1. True words…beautifully expressed. And I always found the sea magnetic-fascinating and pulling towards itself and pushing by evoking fear at the same time…. It Is an enigma.

  2. Lovely one, Kiran! The Sea is so wonderful & inspires the writers like you & me!
    This took me down the memory-lane…
    Even I had written a poem about the Sea looong ago that my School magazine never published!!!

    1. Yup, Anita, the sea remains our source of inspiration. 🙂
      By the way, I’d like to read read your poem about the sea. Is it on your blog?
      I wrote poems in my school life too. I never had the courage to submit it for publication though.

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