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Birla Temple, Shahad

Entry gate Shahad is a small town, next to Kalyan. It is home to a very beautiful Vishnu temple, also known as Birla temple(as it is built by the Birla family). It is located near the Century Rayon Company, on a small hill surrounded by lush green trees.

You have to climb a few flight of stairs to reach the temple. The primary diety is Vithoba, a form of Shri Vishnu. The temple has various carvings on the wall, a common feature of all the Birla temples.

Birla temple, Shahad

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Ganesh temple

Upvan lake

Upvan lake is an eco-friendly lake surrounded by Yeoor hills, in Thane city. Besides the lake is a beautiful Ganesh temple. Earlier, it was a small temple which was renovated some ten years back with corporate grandeur. Now, the temple is back to its negligent state.

When I visited the temple, the priest had laid some buckets to collect rain water dripping through the corner of the roof.. It is sad to see the state of disrepair, the temple has fallen again after the regional leaders boasting about the renovation and fighting for credit. It is funny how people remember God during dire needs like elections, and forget His existence afterwards.

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A rebel


I hope the tree is very happy to be able to see its reflection in the water. Why else would it grow at such an angle and inside the fence, when all other trees are happy to abide by the rules?

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More green


Remember the dry lake in summer? It’s the same lake. Bless the rains. 🙂

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