Birla Temple, Shahad

Entry gate Shahad is a small town, next to Kalyan. It is home to a very beautiful Vishnu temple, also known as Birla temple(as it is built by the Birla family). It is located near the Century Rayon Company, on a small hill surrounded by lush green trees.

You have to climb a few flight of stairs to reach the temple. The primary diety is Vithoba, a form of Shri Vishnu. The temple has various carvings on the wall, a common feature of all the Birla temples.

Birla temple, Shahad

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4 thoughts on “Birla Temple, Shahad

  1. Great Kiran…. the temple entrance looks magnificent and promise for more beauty inside… I have never been to any Birla Temple… but will now make it a point to visit one at least.. And Vitobha .. I am hearing this name of Vishnu trhe first time… Indian mythology is too vast to know it all in one birth I guess 🙂 Thanks for share 🙂

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