The road to take

The road to take
A curve on a rainy day

Whenever, life gives an option, I prefer a curve than a straight road. Whenever, you take a straight road, you can see most the road and the obstacles. Everything goes according to the plan, but you lose the zeal at some point in life.

A curve road is a mystery, you donโ€™t know what lies ahead. Whatever plans, you have made can go wrong. That makes it more exciting, you get to make new plans. And sometimes, results are better than your earlier plans. The feeling of satisfaction after the struggle is more appealing than the humdrum routine.

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30 thoughts on “The road to take

  1. The freedom of satisfaction is more appealing after the struggle, but it’s the duration of the struggle itself, that can stretch for a few years (at times), that ppl. are afraid of! Maybe that’s why some people prefer the routine and straight roads – it gives them an illusion of being safer!

    Destination Infinity

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