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Two kids playing in the park

Inblogger top postThe park seemed empty, he was early. He pulled down his cap to shield his eyes from the afternoon sun, as he looked around the park for a familiar face. Not finding anyone in the quiet park, he bounced his ball on the ground and tried to catch it. He missed it many times, and the ball rose high above his head; he jumped and still missed.

On the edge of the bench, not very far, sat another kid. When the first kid entered, it looked for a moment, this one would join him to play. He glanced at the other’s spotless blue shirt, pants, and matching shoes. He shook his head, and went back to digging the ground with his toe. He had dug a nice hole when a ball rolled near his toe. He hesitated, afraid of spoiling the smooth exterior of the ball with his rough, cracked hands. He saw suspicious eyes staring at him, and bent to pick the ball. Continue reading Two kids playing in the park

Book Review: Just You, Me and a Secret

just you, me and a secret book cover Book: Just You, Me and a Secret

Author: Ganga Bharani

Publisher: Tales4 Publications

Publication Year: 2013

Book Cover: Intriguing

Pages: Paperback, 168 pages

Rating: stars-ratings

The title of the book promises a secret, and delivers it in the first paragraph itself.“Just you, me and a secret” starts with a gripping mystery, a secret not only unknown to the reader, but to the protagonist, Meera as well. The author has achieved a remarkable feat of captivating the attention of the reader with the first few lines. As the story progresses, you are engulfed with the need to know more about Meera’s past as much as Meera herself. It is a page-turner, hard to put down. Continue reading Book Review: Just You, Me and a Secret

A child who reads

235x96_top-indivine-post“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”- Albert Einstein

fairy tale
Image Courtesy: A glimpse of Paradise

Does your child love to read? Are you surprised that your child has an aversion to reading even though books are your life? It isn’t surprising that kids don’t get attracted towards words when you consider other options like playing. As a child I loved playing with other kids than being cooped in a house with a book. My transformation from indifference to books to loving to read was a miracle devised by parents’ careful planning. My parents inclined me towards reading without forcing me or putting a stop to my outdoor activities. Continue reading A child who reads