Orange in my life

Today is Holi- a festival of colours in India. I hope everyone has a colourful life full of joy, and love.

This week’s  weekly photo challenge is orange. For the challenge, I decided to portray three of my favourite things: Food, nature, and books.  😀

Orange- Meetha khaja
Khaja- Goan dessert made from jaggery.

Khaja is my favourite dessert. It is an Indian sweet prepared from jaggery. It is a delicacy available in Goa, and Konkan region of Maharashtra.

Orange- sunset shades
Sunset at Miramar beach, Goa.

The beauty of the sun is at its best during sunrise, or sunset. Being a late riser, I don’t usually get to observe sunrise.  But, it is worth observing the transformation of a blazing yellow ball to dazzling orange, and finally, fiery red at sunset.

Orange- shades of book cover
The book, I’m currently reading.

Here’s the book I’m currently reading -Hidden Letters by Purba Chakraborty. The bold book cover with shades of orange fits with the challenge theme. 🙂

Reading a delightful book, amidst the pristine nature, with my favourite snacks beside me constitutes my paradise. What is your idea of a paradise?

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19 thoughts on “Orange in my life

    1. Thanks Saru. Apt summary.
      I don’t have the recipe either.I didn’t find the recipe on internet. The recipes are of a different Khaja. Will have to find some one who knows the recipe. Do let me know if you find one. 🙂
      Have a great week.

  1. Hi , kiran any piece of information that you publish in public comes with a certain responsibility factor please look deep into the details of a anything before you press the post button, i hope you understand what i mean and take it positively.

    cause the Khaja that you speak of hail’s from Bihar and Orissa region and has been here for quiet a while now 🙂 enjoy

    1. I don’t want to offend you, but we are talking of different Khaja. The khaja I speak is sometimes, known as Malwani Khaja, a jaggery sweet which hails from that coast. You are speaking about a different sweet. Why not check pictures of both the sweets and confirm it?
      Have a great day!

        1. 🙂 I do think that the recipe is similar. I checked now (at least the jaggery version), but the konkani version is dry like a stick. It tastes better though. (at least I like it better)
          Thanks for stopping by.

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