Shri Mulkeshwar temple

Mulkeshwar santuary

Shri Mulkeshwar temple is a small sanctuary located behind the Mangeshi temple, Goa.

The legend of Shri Mulkeshwar:

The Mangeshi temple was earlier in Cortalim. After Portuguese invasion, the  Shivalinga was shifted from Cortalim to a province under a Hindu prince to avoid desecration.

In this area, a boy worked as a cowherd. During those few days, one of his cows stopped giving milk , and disappeared every evening. The young cowherd followed the cow to find its destination. To his surprise, the cow poured all its milk on a stone. The stone was dug, and the present Shivalinga was discovered.

Hence, the Mulkeshwar  temple was built with Mulki or Mukto as the founder. His statue with his cow  lies behind the shrine. He was a Bidi smoker. Therefore, devotees offer Bidis to grant their wishes.The temple authorities have appointed a person to light these Bidis.

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14 thoughts on “Shri Mulkeshwar temple

  1. beautiful image of a beautiful temple … the legend is a unique one Kiran as this is the first time I have heard about offering Bidis ! Seriously .. the more I come to know about ‘u’s ..more I fell in love with ‘us’..
    Thanks for this feeling 🙂

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