Birth of a flower

Birth of a flower
Flower in our garden.

When the first rays of the sun reached the earth this morning, I was born. I know, you are thinking it’s a lie. How can I be born today when you have been watching me grow all this time?

You see, I came on this earth as a small sprout and grew into a little bud– delicate, and scared of this big, bad world. The breeze caressing me whispered stories of the raging sun, and the bee with its pointy antennae. It described the beauty of the flowers- my brothers, and sisters. It told me of the caterpillars which eats all the leaves, the flitting butterfly stealing the nectar of the flowers, and the humans who pick flowers only to crush them.

I was afraid, so very afraid to open up. What if all my petals didn’t unfurl? The other flowers would make fun of me. The scorching sun might burn me. The selfish bee would suck all my nectar, leaving me withered, and forlorn.

I was content in my own world, with no fear of being mocked. And whatever I needed to know, the wind taught me.

Yesterday, something happened. Delightful laughter surrounded me. The siblings next to me had bloomed. Why were they giggling? I couldn’t understand.

I asked the wind.

“You should’ve seen it,” the wind started to tell the story between fits of laughter.

I had already lost interest. I was hurt. How could I see it? I was a closed bud, who couldn’t see anything outside its little world. I decided to take a peek.

Early morning, I opened a little, and what I saw mesmerised me. Crimson streaks had highlighted the azure sky. Dew drops sparkled on the leaves. My sister waved at me. The sun, that fiery ball of fire, smiled at me. Have you seen anything more beautiful?

As I opened a bit more, my heart skipped a beat. I had spotted a menacing bee flying towards me. I had almost closed again when I saw another flower waving at the bee.

Huh? That flower actually called the bee! And the bee scurried in that direction. I was sorry for the naïve flower. Then, a strange thing happened. After the bee finished, the flower beamed, and asked the bee to visit again.

All this while, observing the other flower, I’d missed a bee who stopped by me. To my surprise, the bee was friendly. It offered to carry my pollen in exchange of some nectar.

By the evening, I made friends with two bees, three butterflies, my sister, and a little girl who clapped her hands, and called me pretty. The warm sunshine gave my petals the strength, and enthusiasm. The leaves played the music, and my old friend the breeze swung around me aiding my dance moves.

I’m already yawning. Well, it’s been a busy day. Now, I’m off to sleep.

Tomorrow, I may meet someone who might mock me or try to harm me. Still, I’ll be glad that I blossomed. You know why? Maybe as a bud I would have been safer. But then, I would have missed the beauty around me. Now, I’m happier.

So, you see I only existed earlier. Today I was born. Are you born yet?

I have been tagged by my dear friend Kokila to take part in Five photos Five stories challenge (FPFS) which is- Post a picture for 5 consecutive days and attach a post to it , fiction, poem or short write-up.It can be anything to suit your taste.

I am tagging  my Blogger  friend Purba  on my Day One and as a part of the challenge, I will tag a new person on Day two.

 Sharing with Two Shoes Tuesday- Flower.

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28 thoughts on “Birth of a flower

    1. Thanks a lot, Kokila. It’s good you tagged me. Otherwise, i’m too lazy to post consecutive days.
      I’m so happy that you’ve experienced the delight. Cheers. Keep smiling.

  1. Thank you for coming to join us at Two Shoes Tuesday! This was such a wonderful tale, as told through the spirit of the flower. A novel and unique approach that I liked very much! There is wisdom in this story that can well relate to our lives too, and how fear to blossom and shine brightly in the world inhibits our potential for joy and love!

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