Book review: A walk in the rain

Book Review: a walk in the rainBook:  A walk in the Rain                     

Author: Udai Yadla

Publisher:  Revelation House Books

Publication Year: 2015

Book Cover: Enticing

Pages: Paperback, 326 pages

Rating: 3.7/5

The title along with the book cover depicting a serene pair walking in the rain leads you to believe that you are in for a cosy, slow story. You couldn’t be more wrong. A walk in the rain takes you on a roller coaster ride of intense emotions, and plot twists. It’s a tale of love, and retribution. Sometimes, fate leads you a merry dance. Is it destiny’s way of giving you a second chance? Or not?

The Plot:

Heart-broken Sunny lives a life of a recluse, trapped in the past with his memories. When Sandy, the only girl he loves, leaves unannounced, he turns misogynistic. Saloni is a prostitute in dire need of money.

Sunny’s friend Imran decides to change Sunny’s life. Imran’s birthday surprise for Sunny changes into a tragedy, when Imran gets killed.

To seek vengeance for his friend, Sunny forms a reluctant alliance with Saloni to trace the killer setting the duo on a breathtaking adventure full of twists and turns. Sunny wants revenge; Saloni wants money. Destiny however has its own motive.


The book entices you with a beautifully written prologue, and keeps you glued as the story follows.

An indifferent father has instilled in Sunny, the fear of rejection. When a new girl, Sandy befriends Sunny, his isolated life turns around. Then, one day Sandy leaves him announced.

Udai Yadla in his simple, and effective writing style has done a wonderful portrayal of Sunny’s feelings of betrayal, and subsequent self-imposed isolation. The blossoming friendship and love between Sandy, and Sunny is heart touching.

A walk in the rain revolves around two main characters: Sunny, and Saloni. Sunny is a bitter, misogynistic man who hates the world. Even when he needs Saloni’s help, he can’t bring himself to trust her. Life has been hard on Saloni. In spite of her desperate straits, she manages to hold on to her small shred of self-respect.

After his friend Imran gets killed, Vendetta remains the only aim of Sunny’s life. Only Saloni can help him to fulfill his mission. And Saloni is ready in exchange of money. Sunny detests her greedy attitude.

As they get together to trace the killer, their lives become more intertwined than any of them wanted. Under the superficial currents of hatred, there’s a sense of familiarity. What is the unnatural thread that binds them despite their mistrust of each other? Can Sunny ever learn to trust again?

There is too much background information about the involved gangs.  A condensed book would have been a lot better. (Here, I must confess that I’m not a fan of gang wars. So, my view may be biased.)

Overall, it’s a great book by a début author. I would definitely love to read more from him.

Few quotes from A walk in the rain:

“It’s beyond your consciousness that your soul lingers with the person you love and hence your mood will affect the one you love. This is the reason why you sometimes sense your moods changing mysteriously with no reason.”

“Separation is the most painful test to measure the sustainability of love.”

A walk in the rain is a romantic thriller. Recommended for those who love action-packed romantic adventure.

You can buy this book on FlipKart and Amazon.

* Review copy received from the author.

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16 thoughts on “Book review: A walk in the rain

  1. Hey Kiran, your review perfectly reflects my opinion about the book. This author is amazing, its hard to believe that it was penned down with first time author.Must recommend.

  2. Hi Frds, I have read this book, excellent work from an debut author, It’s a must read for all the romance and the thrill lovers.

  3. Your review is spot on. I loved the book from the prologue to the epilogue. Especially the cute little he told about love in the prologue.

  4. My personal view is because there are too many books around love stories in the market, every surprise that one can think of has already been covered.
    Why can’t authors write on something new, maybe random funny stories.

    Your review is good though.

    1. Maybe because love stories are classic, and they sell too. 😉 😛 Besides, after centuries of authors writing good books, the idea pool is saturated in all genre.
      I think, it’s okay to tell the same old love story as long as it is entertaining. It’s not the story that matters, but the writing style.
      Random funny stories sound fun.
      Thanks a lot, Alok.

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