Plastic Surgery in Mumbai

Mumbai –  the city of dreams – has a very high glamor quotient. And it isn’t only because it is home to Bollywood. Be it the Queen’s necklace of Marine Drive, or the enchanting beaches, Mumbai has its own magic. Is it any wonder that the city is growing to be the cosmetic surgery capital of the country?

Medical tourists visit the country for plastic surgery in Mumbai. One of the reasons for this is the good quality of treatment offered at a lower price than in countries like UK or US. These people are in for a double treat – plastic surgery along with sightseeing. Not just the foreign tourists, but the trend in India is also leaning towards plastic surgeries.

Plastic surgery is a speciality in medicine concerned with reconstruction or repair of body parts, either to treat an injury, or for improving their appearance. Plastic surgery is divided into two branches: cosmetic surgery, which aims at improving looks, and reconstructive surgery aiming to improve function.

Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure which changes or enhances normal physical appearance. Most common cosmetic surgery procedures are liposuction, facelifts, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty (nose jobs).

Cosmetic surgery has its appeal to people of all age, and gender. It defies both time and genetics. It helps a person to look better, and feel better. Sometimes, a person opting for cosmetic surgery can have underlying psychological problems such as depression.

Earlier, cosmetic surgery was popular only in celebrities. However, cosmetic surgery in Mumbai has shown a steady rise. Now, vanity is high on the list of  the rich as well as the middle class. And why not? There isn’t anything wrong in wanting to look different. When you’re confident of your beauty, your self esteem rises too.

There are also times when cosmetic surgery goes wrong. This can indeed be stressful for a person. However, It can be corrected. You can opt for a correctional surgery in Mumbai.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed to correct aesthetic form, and functional impairment. The defect may be caused by congenital abnormalities like cleft lip and palate, or acquired deformities from burns, accidents or cancer surgery. Though it is done to improve function, it might also aim to restore normal appearance.

Some people might view plastic surgery as a fad, but it is much more than that. It is a boon for people with developmental defects or those, who have suffered from accidents. As for the cosmetic surgery branch, when people aren’t happy with themselves, it impairs their personal, and professional life. I have known people, who never smiled because they had crooked teeth. Plastic surgery changes people’s perception about themselves, and makes them happy.

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15 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery in Mumbai

  1. Nice to read about plastic surgery from a doctor’s perspective… Great article, Kiran 🙂
    Just yesterday I read about cosmetic surgery done by leading names in Hindi film industry in a magazine. Recently read that leeches were used from unknown times to aid ‘Surupika Chikitsa’ (sanskrit word for plastic surgery) in ancient India and are being popular in foreign countries but not yet in India currently.
    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

    1. I knew about leeches used in western countries. I had no idea about its use in ancient India. Thanks for the information., Sindhu. I always learn a lot from you. 🙂
      Have a wonderful week!

  2. My pa went through a cosmetic surgery to regain his face tissue and structure after cancer and trust me he feel so confident now, loved this take on the topic 🙂

    1. I have immense respect for cancer survivors. They face the toughest battle in life. Reconstruction surgery is a great help to them. Thanks for sharing Shweta. 🙂
      Have a wonderful day!

  3. A nice article, Kiran. Plastic surgery really helps to boost a person’s confidence. However, some surgeries go unbelievably disastrous like that of Anushka Sharma’s lipjob in recent times.

  4. As you have rightly mentioned Kiran, though many people use plastic surgery to up their glamour quotient, there are also many for whom plastic surgery is a means of restoring their confidence, say after dis-figuration due to accident. Good to know about the available options.

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