Best Places for Diagnostic imaging in Mumbai

Diagnostic imaging is the use of imaging techniques to get a clue about patient’s disease. These imaging techniques help the doctor look inside your body without the need for any invasive procedures.

Diagnostic imaging is very important in confirming the diagnosis, assessing treatment options, and checking the course of the disease. In short, diagnostic imaging ensures that the patient receives accurate evaluation of their ailments, and effective treatment.

Though the rural India is still lagging behind the modern world in terms of progress in medicine, our cosmopolitan Mumbai is certainly up to date in that respect. You have a variety of choices in diagnostic imaging in Mumbai.

Mumbai has many private hospitals as well as public hospitals which have integrated radiological departments providing these options. Also there are many imaging centres not affiliated with any hospitals.

What are the important things to take into account in choosing a diagnostic center? The first thing to consider is proximity of the center to the residence. You wouldn’t want to go all the way from Borivali to Colaba for a CT Scan in Mumbai. The next thing is the reliability of the center, and quality of the images. The quality of images depends on the machine used for diagnosis. A low quality image means compromised diagnosis. Then, the cost of the procedure is also a deciding factor for some patients.

The most commonly used diagnostic imaging techniques are X-rays, CT scan, MRI and Ultrasound.

Of these techniques X-rays are the cheapest. X-rays provide 2D images. Hence, their use is limited.

CT scan or Computed Tomography combines X-rays with computers. CT scan takes several X-rays of the body part (or full body). The computer collects the data from these X-rays, and converts it into images. CT scan is use to detect cancer, heart disease, abdomen diseases, and internal bleeding in accident victims.

Ultrasound uses sound waves, and is used in pregnancy, organ disorder, and problems with blood vessels.

MRI uses magnetic fields and radio waves to form the images of the body. MRI has no ionizing radiation like X-rays or CT scan. Hence, they are safer in his aspect. MRI is very useful in detection of soft tissue tumors, spinal cord injury and early detection of cancer.

MRI machines differ from each other, so does their result. If you are claustrophobic, you can opt for an open MRI machine. The magnetic strengths of MRI machines is measured in Teslas (T). 3T MRI machines are faster, and have better resolutions than 1.5 T. Though many of the MRI in Mumbai are 1.5 T, the city also boasts of few 3T MRI machines. The city’s government run hospital JJ Hospital has a 3T MRI facility which provides a good MRI at low cost.

Public hospitals, and trusts provide diagnostic imaging at lower costs. But if you hate waiting long for appointments, and cost isn’t a major factor, then you can opt for private hospitals, and imaging centers.

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