Book Review: The Gang of Wonder Kids

Book Review: The Gang of Wonder Kids

Book: The Gang of Wonder Kids

Author: Shetall Ramsinghani

Publisher: Partridge India

Publication Year: 2015

Book Cover: Lovely

Pages: Paperback, 140 pages

Rating: 4/5

The Gang of wonder kids has a very cute cover, appealing and very apt for kids’ adventure stories. It is a collection of moral stories aimed to guide behaviour of adolescents, and children. The author has written to imbibe the kids with a sense of values like being helpful, and brave in daily life.

Shetall wrote the book for a boy named Ujjwal, who requested the author to write a book specially for him. Isn’t it sweet?


Let me start the review with a confession. I’m a sucker for moral stories. As a child, when my parents lectured me about something (read: tried to inculcate values), they had to tell me a story along with it, if they wanted compliance.

The Gang of Wonder Kids follows Ujjwal, Utsav, Naina and their friends’ life. It encompasses all the themes like loving your grandparents to self-improvement, and building confidence. The life of these wonder kids is adventurous.

Everything happens in their lives from routine school days to kidnapping, and finding a magical forest. And at every point, the kids face their life with fortitude. And they learn different values from their adventures. In one of the stories, Naina learns, “don’t seek friends, be a friend.”

The Gang of Wonder kids has mines of general information. For example, when the kids plan a trip to Dholavira, Shetall has described the place vividly, which makes it as interesting as it is informative. Also, it has many puzzles incorporated making it a fun read.

Simple sentences make it an easy read for kids. They are written in the style of chapter moral stories for kids, and the author has done away with quotation marks. This makes for effective storytelling. At times, however, I missed the quotation marks.

Do you know Barbie doll’s full name? Well, Naina does.

The book is a great read for kids of all ages- enjoyable, and informative.

You can buy this book at FlipKart or Amazon.


11 thoughts on “Book Review: The Gang of Wonder Kids

  1. It seems a wonderful story Kiran as there are kids , a kidnapping and magical forest !! means Famous Five meets faraway Tree !! Wow .. A must read 🙂

  2. That’s so sweet, I have never heard about any book that is written for a kid by an author!
    It’s a nice review, Kiran, I am willing to read the book… Thanks for introducing a good book in your blog 🙂

    1. Not exactly. Famous Five has all the friends together in every book. Sometimes, these short stories follow individual kids. Though I loved famous five as a kid, they aren’t moral stories.

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