Book Review: Death by Dangerous

Book: Death by Dangerous

Author: Olly Jarvis

Publisher:Matador (24 Jun. 2015)

Paperback: 368 pages

Rating: 4.2/5

Book Review: Death by Dangerous

Death by Dangerous is a legal thriller, which explores deep underneath the superficial facade of the society. We live with preconceived ideas about everyone else. Then, all our misconceptions are dashed. Is there a second chance or the end of life as you know it?

John Anderson is a successful lawyer with a perfect life, family, his elite group of friends. Though he has a narrow-minded attitude towards people he considers his inferior, he is essentially a good man. He fights for what he believes, persecuting criminals so that the society remains safe. He is a workaholic who puts work before his family.

Everything changes after the accident. He is accused of being responsible for the death of two females, one of them a five-year old child. John Anderson is a law-abiding man, who never drinks and drives, never breaks any traffic rules. He has no recollection of the accident. How can be accused of causing death by dangerous driving?

He refuses to accept his guilt, but believes the gangster he was prosecuting somehow framed him. Success brings its own set of friends, who disperse fast enough at the first sign of trouble. Shunned by his near and dear ones, John finds an unlikely ally. His search takes him to the Manchester’s vile underworld. Depressed, but still determined, he is ready to fight the most important trial of his life.

The author, Olly Jarvis has woven a beautiful portrayal of the cut-throat competition among professionals, the way family tends to take a second place when immersed in ambition, and how most people use others as ladders instead of being friends. The plot moves with a uniform pace, and not even the ending is rushed.

The description of court-room pressure, and excitement is wonderful. I like how the persecuting lawyer against Anderson in his case isn’t depicted a fumbling idiot, but someone self-composed, and intelligent.

Kudos to the author for writing convincing characters. Not only the characters and their motivations, but their situation seems believable. John Anderson evolves from being a rigid, self-indulged individual to a sympathetic human being.

Here I should mention that after the enticing first chapter, I was a bit disappointed when the next few pages delve into the past, instead of moving ahead with the mystery. But, the forthcoming events in the plot proved that it is not only connected, but necessary information for understanding Anderson’s situation.

I recommend Death by Dangerous to anyone who loves a mystery-thriller.

Book Description:

Death by Dangerous is a compelling legal thriller set in Manchester and Bradford. John Anderson is one of the most dedicated and successful prosecution barristers. But the life he once knew suddenly comes crashing down following a fatal road traffic accident…

They’re saying it was your fault. Someone died.

Recovering from his injuries, he has no memory of the collision. Was he responsible for the death of a child? Who was his female passenger?

Anderson refuses, in the face of so many unanswered questions, to accept his guilt. He becomes convinced that the gangster he was prosecuting at the time of the crash is in some way involved.

He knows that defeat means deliverance to a prison full of violent criminals he has prosecuted over the years. He now has to find the strength to fight the most important trial of his life.

You can buy this book at Amazon.

*I received a review copy from Matador via NetGalley for an honest review.


25 thoughts on “Book Review: Death by Dangerous

  1. You created exact amount of inquisitiveness in me to pick it up. I love thrillers and that to courtroom thriller surely would be a page turner! Thank you for such a wonderful review.

  2. An intense review here!
    Really liking your blog and commitment to analysis.
    Hope in time I can receive a follow from a lovely writer like yourself (:

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