My Nikon DSLR reminds me of the worst time, and the best people in my life.

16 October 2011, my best friend’s birthday. We visited butterfly park that day. The sun was still mellow when we started, and the butterflies restless. Then followed, chasing butterflies around the lush gardens, fabulous lunch, a movie, and catching up on old times.

The next two days, I bugged my family with pictures of lovely butterflies captured with my Nikon coolpix.

They were happy times.

Then, they weren’t.

My senior had visited the park, the same day. Four days later, he uploaded his amazing pictures on FB. After that I wasn’t sure we had gone to the same park. My pictures looked sad compared to his pictures.

I was devastated.

Overreact much? Want to know why?

On 11 September 2010, I had gone to watch Dabangg with my friend. I tripped over a carelessly thrown Pepsi can, and my high heels ensured a bad fate for my ankle. There was nothing I could do for it; I had an evening full of appointments. The result – a huge swelling, and difficulty walking.

A week later, I visited an orthopaedic surgeon, and started medication. After months of medication, there still remained a residual swelling, and a limp. Scores of blood tests, X-rays and MRI revealed that nothing was wrong with my ankle, or me.

No one ever thought of checking my Vit. D3 or Calcium levels. Deficiency of Vit. D wasn’t common in India at the time. So, my only problem – drastic low Vit. D3 levels (2.1 ng/mL) – remained undetected.

The limp was the least of my problems. I had to use all my energy even for a small action like getting up. Joint aches, and muscle cramps made me feel like I was in my seventies instead of twenties.

Finally, in October 2011, I started with my Vit. D3 injections, and was on the way to recovery. That excursion to butterfly park was my first attempt at walking for a continuous stretch of many hours. The day symbolised for me that everything was turning out for the better.

The comparatively melancholy pictures burst my long tortured optimism. Suddenly, I wasn’t confident about recovery. That day was supposed to be happy, not sad.

I spent hours on Google dreaming of my ideal camera, and zeroed on Nikon D3100. Then, common sense kicked in, and I tried convincing myself it didn’t mean a thing.

28 October 2011 was the day of Bhaiduj – a day in Diwali, in which brother buys gifts for his sister. With a stoic expression, commonly seen on harassed younger brothers, he handed me my present. As I unwrapped the shiny wrapper, brand new Nikon DSLR stood there with a pair of lenses. The one which I had hoped would make everything alright.

“Pictures will never spoil your memory again,” he said.

And I knew – nothing, and no one can ever spoil anything for me. Because I have the best brother in the world.

Written as a part of Cherished Blogfest.  Click the link to join, and visit other cherished posts.

One of the very early pictures captured with my cherished camera



27 thoughts on “Cherished

  1. What a nice post! It shares a lot of matters – your love for nature, your passion for photography, your joyous time with friends, cleanliness awareness (I hope those who throw the empty cola cans here and there read this post, and never repeat the same), awareness about deficiency of vitamin D3… I hope now you are recovered completely and you don’t even remember that once you had trouble in walking 🙂

    1. Thanks Sindhu. I recovered totally without any memory of the pain. 🙂 But I agree with you about irresponsible behaviour of those who dump their soda cans. 😦
      Have a great weekend.

  2. A truly cherished camera Kiran as it helped you cherish memories and is given by your thoughtful brother !! How lovely ! Plus its a nice post as it makes us aware of the D3 deficiency … My uncle, also a doctor was telling ng about it when I went to his house in these summer hols … Great you explained it here .:)

    1. Thanks Kokila. 🙂 Yes, D3 deficiency has become a nuisance in India. Many of my cousins, and little nieces had to suffer.:( We need to go out in the sun often specially in the morning.
      Have a great day!

  3. Kiran, so glad that you made a recovery. And yes, having a good brother is the sort of fortune that makes a girl positive about many things in life– thankyou for sharing your emotions, and thanks for participating in the Cherished Blogfest!

  4. Kiran, that’s a lovely picture and your brother gave you the prefect gift on Bhai Duj. Pictures are memories and however they may look, they are yours. I tell this to myself 🙂

    Stopped here from on the Cherished Blogfest linky!

  5. Hi. I am one of the cohosts of the #Cherished blogfest and I want to thank you for participating in it, and for sharing the memories of your beloved camera. It is wonderful and I love it myself. Thank you, and do have a wonderful weekend.

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