Review: Aplava

The first time I heard the word Aplava was when Shristi from Sheroes called me for a review. Later, I found that Aplava is a Sanskrit word, which means taking a bath to purify oneself – an ablution process of cleansing oneself. And I thought, what an apt name for a beauty website!

I was intrigued, and suspicious.

For me, the first factor in buying any cosmetic product is trust. There is no way I’d risk using any duplicate stuff. When I saw that Aplava deals directly with manufacturers/authorized dealers, I was relieved.

Accordingly, my order was shipped on 24th July, and delivered on 27th July. Three days is pretty fast, considering it is a startup company.

The products came in a sturdy carton, individually sealed with bubble wraps, and in good condition.

Goodies box Sealed package

With great anticipation, I opened the packages to reveal – Dove dryness care conditioner, Natio cleanser and exfoliator, Street Wear ultra-moist Lipstick, and Lakme enrich satin. There were also samples of Hydra cleanser, and protective cream, and a discount coupon with a lovely card from Aplava.

I already use Dove conditioner, and loved the shades of both the lipsticks. Natio is an Australian company which makes natural products. I can’t comment more because it’s my first time with Natio product.

Aplava goodies


Being satisfied with the products, I checked out their site. Things I liked about Aplava:

  • Aplava is easy to navigate, and use.
  • High trust quotient – They buy directly from authorized distributors, so authencity of products guaranteed.
  • Good packaging.
  • Less delivery time.
  • Vast range of products to choose.
  • Aplava helps you calculate your beauty score, and choose suitable products for you.

Now, you know a wonderful place to buy authentic cosmetics– Aplava.  Before heading to Aplava, don’t forget sign up for a profile on Sheroes. Sheroes is an ultimate career destination for women professionals, and also, Sheroes offers you discount codes to use on Aplava. Isn’t it cool?




30 thoughts on “Review: Aplava

  1. Hello Kiran. I’m Denise from the WEP blogfest just dropping by to say hi!
    I’ve not heard of Aplava before, but as an Australian, I”m well aquainted with Natio. I have used Strawberry Net for cosmetics in the past and very happy with them, especially their fast shipping.

    So looking forward to seeing what you post on August 19. If you need any further clarification just ask.

    Denise 🙂

  2. Hi Kiran, 🙂

    I love it when you find an online company you can trust …and get things at a great price!

    Hope all is well in your world. Hugs Paula xx

    1. Hi Paula,
      Glad to see you after so long. How are you doing? Everything is great in my life.
      I’m always on the lookout for great sites. 🙂
      Have a wonderful day!
      Hugs, Kiran. 🙂

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