Book Review: Winell Road

Book: Winell Road

Author: Kate Foster

Publisher:  Jet Black Publishing

Paperback: 146 pages

Rating: 4.2/5

Winell Road: review


Winell Road: Beneath the surface is a riveting tale with a big dose of humour.

Jack thinks Winell road is the most boring locality, and his life is boring with a Capital B. This changes when he spots an alien spaceship spying on him, and no one else sees it. Then, Jack receives a visit which convinces him that Winell Road has been harbouring a huge secret. He receives the warning “Trust No one” which leads him to doubt his freakish neighbours. His adventures begin when he, and Roxy, his remarkably tall new neighbour, embark on the mission to save our galaxy.

From the first paragraph, Winell Road grabs the reader’s attention. It is a fast-paced thriller which kept me turning pages in anticipation. Every chapter ends with a cliffhanger. The plot follows Jack, and Roxy through various twists, and dangers. Jack is high-spirited, amusing, and witty. Roxy is one fearless girl. They make a fabulous team. His snooping mom with her horrible recipes, dad and his useless (?) inventions, and the freakish neighbours add to the fun.

The author, Kate Foster, has a voice which has captured the charm of a twelve-year-old. She has effortlessly woven many aliens with amazing capabilities in the plot. The details about the aliens, their strengths, and features leave me amazed. Though I loved the name Keu’Plachu, my personal favourite is the Axeinos.

I enjoyed the ending of the book. It is totally unexpected, but it ties up with the other happenings. I would love to read many more adventures of this daring duo, and hope there is a sequel.

Book Description:

Winell Road is the most boring street on Earth and 12-year-old Jack Mills is sick to his molars of living there. But when a UFO nearly abducts him outside his home, his life takes a terrifying and mysterious turn. With the help of his new friend and neighbour, frighteningly tall Roxy Fox, Jack discovers there’s a lot more to Winell Road and his life than he’d ever imagined.


Winell Road would be an enjoyable read for the kids. I would highly recommend it to those who love a good fantasy.

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*I received a review copy via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.

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