The Transformation

Perfection might be an illusion; it doesn’t stop us from wanting to transform ourselves into something/someone we perceive as an ideal. So, when I heard about the web series The Transformation, I was intrigued. Here, transformation is not a hopeless dream, but something that can be achieved .

Tetley Green Tea in association with have developed a one of a kind series which brings reality TV on the web. This 12 episode series will follow 19 contestants as they go from fat to fighting fit, changing their lives to achieve their coveted goal.

This is not the kind of weight lose regime, where people lose their health along with their weight. This unique project aims towards holistic change transforming body and life, where the contestants become fit for fighting. The contestants would learn how to eat, exercise, and incorporate comprehensive lifestyle changes resulting in a long-term success. “Eat right, train hard”–one of the maxims of the show says it all.

Do you know what it takes to train like a Thai boxer,Jiu jitsu fighter, and an athlete? Yeah, it’s going to be tough, and totally worth it. Every ounce of their will-power will be tested. Transformation doesn’t come easy; it has to be earned.

The show will feature 12 episodes and take place over 12 weeks at Bangalore’s state of the art Fitness Fight Club and Circuit Force, under expert trainers, and the chief instructor—an ex-boxer and army man—Austin Prakesh. The contestants of the show range from varied backgrounds: a musician, entrepreneur, make-up artist, RJ, an event manager, a food blogger, and many others.

The stakes are much higher than mere fitness. After 12 weeks, two winners are going to walk away with one lakh cash prize. Yup, someone will emerge not only healthier, but richer too. This is where lives change for the better.

The Transformation offers you a ringside seats to view the life-changing journey of these contestants as they fight through the vigorous obstacles, and the competition. You’ll be privy to their first attempt at boxing, their joys of surviving hardships, and their sorrows at elimination.

Why should you watch The Transformation:

Imagine 19 people turning their life inside out to achieve what they want. This kind of motivation is bound to rub on you.

Now, you don’t have to wonder what kind of food helps to stay fit. You can see for yourselves.

Contests bring out hidden traits in people—the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, a definite entertainment.

Reality web series means you get to watch the true stories in real time instead of scripted versions.

Need I say more? The show went live on 14th October 2015. Tune in to watch the live series on The Transformation, and for great tips on healthy eating, and exercise.

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13 thoughts on “The Transformation

    1. I know what you mean. The only reality TV show I’ve ever seen is half episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. When I need drama, my friends, family and our dear government provide it. 😛
      Thanks for visiting. Have a great day!

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