The most disruptive blogging conference

June 1, 2015: I received a mail from Indiblogger announcing Season 1 of “Blog Now, Live Forever” – The Pioneers of Blogging. To say I was excited would be an exaggeration, but I was intrigued. I applied right away. Why? Because, Indiblogger. Indiblogger was the first blogging community I joined after I started blogging. Besides, they have a great 404 Page. Seriously, you can check yourself if you don’t believe me.

Two months later, came the official announcement of BNLF Mumbai, and the buzz started. Amidst the excitement, one thing was clear. Whatever BNLF might be, it wasn’t going to be just another conference. I was all pumped up. I even joined the crew.

Up till 11 days to go, I was still excited.

Then, I started having second thoughts. How disruptive can a conference be? I mean, aren’t all the conferences the same? Speakers talk; others listen, and I with the attention span of a neonate try to concentrate. But, I tried to comfort myself with the other positive things like I’ll meet the bloggers I’ve read but never seen, make new friends, and there would be a backstage party. 😀

BNLF turned out to be nothing like a regular conference. It was fun from start to finish. The BNLF flight started with a bang weaving wonderful memories, and hopes for more in the near future. And yes, I mean the BNLF flight; that was the theme you see.

BNLF Theme
Image courtesy: Indiblogger

Things which set apart BNLF from other conferences:

  1. Sense of Humour:

    Nothing lightens the atmosphere than a good laugh. And BNLF scored 100% in that regard. Indiblogger’s trademark sense of humour was seen throughout BNLF right from the banners itself. Even the most severe people couldn’t suppress a chuckle.

    BNLF-sense of humour
    Image Courtesy: Indiblogger
  2. Spirit of Adventure:

    When have you last done rock climbing at a literature/blogging conference? If your answer isn’t this month then you missed BNLF. This conference didn’t just preach about expanding your comfort zone but gave you the options too. BNLF presented many fun activities like a cooking master class, and clear trip activities like rock climbing, Segway, mini-golf, and posing on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Yeah, only posing. Did you expect to see me in Dhoom 4? 😛 😉

  3. Sense of Belonging:

    You know how in Indian weddings you stumble upon strangers only to realise that you’re related. That’s BNLF for you.

    When people bumped into each other, they didn’t say, “sorry, I wasn’t looking.”

    Instead they said, “hey, I’m So & So—XXX blog…”

    Image Courtesy:Indiblogger

    Such was the spirit of camaraderie. The Indiblogger team, crew, and the attendees all mingled like one big, happy family.

    And it gave the chance to many of my blogger friends who had inspired me with their writings to impress me in person. 😀 Frankly, more than anything else they were the reason I had such fun. Hope to meet you all again soon.

Now that we have established that BNLF was indeed amazing, in the next BNLF post I’ll share some humourous tidbits, and gyan from the conference.

*All the images used are from Indiblogger Facebook Page and Indiblogger holds their copyright. Kindly obtain their permission if you want to use the images.


29 thoughts on “The most disruptive blogging conference

  1. This sounds fabulous! Laughed out loud with the signs re allowed / not-allowed items to carry on board 😀 What a lovely concept—and what an incredible opportunity to meet up with other bloggers in such awesome context. Too bad I’m so far away; I’d be there in a heartbeat 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the experience!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  2. IB Meets are always great fun and a place to connect.
    In my past two meets , I have been suitably oohed and Aaahed by meeting a face behind a blog . And BNLF definitely seemed bigger and grand translated = More Fun and More Oooh moments 🙂
    You sure captured the event nicely girl !

  3. This was the first blogging event I attended ever and loved it to the hilt! What I liked the best is the informal way everyone was treating each other. Just wish that I was not so shy and reserved! 😀

  4. A great event for bloggers in the recent times in Mumbai.It gives a chance to meet and to know our fellow bloggers. Thanks Dr.Kiran for this post.

  5. Lucky you and all the others;It’s clear you had a whale of a time.I missed it by a whisker.Maybe next time…

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