Lei: A wreath for your soul—Book Review

Book: Lei: A wreath for your soul

Author: Somali K Chakrabarti

Kindle Edition: 133 pages


Lei: Book Cover


I love nature. I soak in each of its splendid moment, and try to capture its beauty whenever I can with words, or picture. Hence, Lei: a wreath for the soul with its nature poems and the accompanied lovely pictures are a double treat for me.

LEI: A WREATH FOR YOUR SOUL is a collection of short poems written in the Japanese style of poetry, namely a Haiku, and a Tanka. A typical Haiku is a 3 line poem about a fleeting moment of nature. It consists of 17 syllables: 5 syllables in the first and third line, and 7 in the second line. Tanka consists of 31 syllables in five lines: first and third line consist of 5 syllables, and the second, fourth and fifth line consists of seven syllable.

This collection of poems is well-organized into four sections: Nature, Life, Inspiration, and Illusion.

Lei takes the readers on an enchanting nature trail amidst beautiful flowers, the waves, the clouds, and the stars. At the same time, the poems touch on the philosophical aspects making them as deep as they are beautiful. The micro-poems are packed with magic of nature, and meaning of life. They enchant, and fill the heart with joy.

The author, Somali Chakrabarti, has a way with words. Her vivid description brings emotions, and nature to life. The lovely pictures accompanying the poems enhance the reading experience.

Book Description:

Lei, is a garland or a wreath in Hawaiian language. Inspired by Nature, reflecting on Life, this book ‘Lei’ is a series of short/ micro poems. Each poem, like a fragrant flower, is meant to celebrate life, generate positivism, soothe, nourish and rejuvenate the Soul.


If you love nature, and poetry, then this book is for you.

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4 thoughts on “Lei: A wreath for your soul—Book Review

  1. Hi Kiran, Thanks a lot for the kind review! Would like to add here that research indicates that the beauty of nature, art, spirituality and the small marvels of life induce positive emotions, soothe the nerves, and thus help in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.

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