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Book Review: Surrogate Author

Book: Surrogate Author: Authdas Journey of Nine-month book delivery

Author:  Santosh Avvannavar, Shilpa Patil

Publisher: Hoffen (2014)

Paperback: 47 pages

Rating: 3.2 stars

Book review: Surrogate author

Devdas is a classic tale of love & passion. And who knows the pull of passion than a writer who has began his journey to becoming an author for the first time? Imagine the aspiring author as the Devdas. Then what role would Paro and Chandramukhi play in his making? Surrogate Author: Authdas Journey of Nine-month book delivery is based on this theme, and follows a writer trying to unite with his first love—his debut book. Continue reading Book Review: Surrogate Author


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Evaluating your health with Thyrocare—a review

The most common mistake everyone makes is that they consider youth as a synonym for health. After a certain age people undergo regular checkup to ascertain that they are healthy, but not younger people. However, statistics shows that young age offers no protection against diseases.

According to NFHS-3, the prevalence of anemia is alarmingly high (56%) among the adolescent girls in India. A recent study reveals 69% of Indians suffer from deficiency of Vitamin D. The changing lifestyle, and stress has also significantly increased the rate of hypothyroidism, and other non-communicable diseases (NCD) and risk factors.

The risk factors causing the non-communicable diseases start early in life. Hence, prevention should also begin early, and not after the onset of the disease. Lifestyle changes, balanced diet, regular exercise, and periodic evaluation of your health can prevent most of these diseases. Continue reading Evaluating your health with Thyrocare—a review

Sky at sunset

Sky at sunset

Rankala Lake is an idyllic lake in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. This natural lake is  a popular evening spot of the city.

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Books by weight, Mumbai

One of my earliest memories is my papa bringing home bags full of stuff. My papa always came home with full bags 😀 Foodstuffs—sweets, fruits, ice-cream, biscuits Or toys—lots & lots Or books—many colors,shapes, pictures Or other stuff like dresses, cassettes (That was way before CDs were invented). Since it’s a very early memory I can’t think words in books.

Even later, as I grew up, my papa bringing home bag full of books is one of my fondest memory. (Yeah, I have the best dad in the world 😀 ) Whenever our vacation started, I and my brother waited in anticipation of this new treasure. Toys, sweets, and other stuff last for a while; books last for a lifetime.

A child who reads has a distinct advantage over those who don’t. And the same applies for an adult. What’s the use of being literate if you aren’t going to read?

A tower of books
Image Courtesy: © Jorge Royan /, via Wikimedia Commons

Okay, so the reason I’m blabbering about books is that Books by weight is in Mumbai this month. Books by weight is a book sale where you can buy books by their weight in Kilograms (obviously 😛 ) as opposed to each book at their real price.  The collection consists of both new, and used books. I didn’t even know that you could ever get new books by weight.

Here’s the price range:

Regular Books (including fiction & non-fiction) for Rs. 100 per Kg.

Children’s books for Rs. 200 per Kg.

Premium books for Rs. 300 per Kg.

Awesome, isn’t it. Books by weight is a bibliophile’s heaven. You can just picks the books you love without worrying about your budget 🙂 The sale started on 5th March; yours truly rushed there on the first day itself. And got a great haul. Sorry for the late post. But the good news is that the last date for sale is 3rd April. See, still lots of time. Even I’ll be making a repeat visit 😀

There are two big fat sections (ahem, long long tables) for kids literature. Can you think of a better way to start the vacation? Just one small concern, one of the sections (er, tables) is broad. In fact, too broad. The only way most kids would be able to reach the middle is climbing on the table. I don’t think that this little exercise was the intention of the organisers 😉

There are also different sections (read long, broad, connected tables every time) for classics, commercial fiction (like James Patterson, Stefanie Meyers…), romance (Mills & Boon, et al) and non-fiction (academics, travel, business,cookbook, photography, etc.). The sections are neatly segregated without any overlap, so finding books is easy.

However, something is missing in Paradise—Indian authors. I didn’t find any books by Indian authors, and the organisers informed me that’s because there weren’t any. Now, this is one thing they should change. We can never have a true feeling of heaven without Desi vibes.

(I’m not sure about academics section. If any one of you did find any Indian author in there, do let me know.)

Books by Weight:


5th March 2016 to 3rd April 2016

9.a.m to 8 p.m.

Open on all days including Holidays 🙂


Shri Sunderbai Hall,

Opposite Patkar Hall, Behind Income Tax Off, Sndt Road,

Churchgate, Mumbai – 400020.

Directions: From CST station

If you’re in Mumbai, let me know about your experience 🙂

P.S: I got so lost in the books that I didn’t click any picture. *sigh That’s why only Wikimedia picture. Maybe I’ll remember to click when I visit again next week 😉

“Too many of us are not living our dreams

because we are living our fears.”

Les Brown

Book Review: The heart listens to no one

Book: The Heart listens to no one:it hums its own song                                                         

Author: Purba Chakraborty

Publication Year: 2016

Pages: Kindle Edition, 83 pages.

Genre: Poetry

Review:Rating: 4.2/5

Book Review: the heart listens to no one
Image Courtesy: Goodreads Book Cover

THE HEART LISTENS TO NO ONE: IT HUMS ITS OWN SONG is a collection of poems based on the theme of love. The cover gives a mystical feeling to the book. Continue reading Book Review: The heart listens to no one

Because she is a woman

As women’s day approached, I debated over the possibilities of topics for the post—woman achievers, gender discrimination, female foeticide, and so on. Then, I recollected the INKLive 2014, where I heard Shravani Hagargi’s talk. Shravani co-founded Safe Hands 24×7, a security agency which employs women security guards. The main obstacle she had at the beginning was to gain client’s trust. They had difficulty believing her guards could provide good security. The reason—because they were women.

Because I'm a woman

This got me thinking. What are the assumptions/expectations of people from a woman? How does she react to this stereotyping? Does she accept, reject or ignore them? Instead of answering these questions myself, I asked them to my fellow blogger friends.

Kokila, who blogs at Sunshine n Blue Clouds aptly describes the position of woman in ancient texts. “She is either a Goddess—the pious and the giving one, benign, patient and forgiving Or a witch—the bloodthirsty one, selfish, conniving, sly and scheming. Nowhere is she accepted as Manvi.. the Human.” Continue reading Because she is a woman

Sahasralinga, Karnataka

When you go on a family trip, there’s always a conflict of interests among the younger, and older members as to which places to skip, and which we shouldn’t. To my surprise, all my relatives had a consensus about Sahasralinga—a must see place. It had a direct effect of piquing my curiosity.

The moment we arrived, I rushed over to the river Shalmala. One glance at the waters left me entranced. Scattered among the clear gushing stream stood hundreds of lingas*, and accompanying Nandi** each carved out of the rocks on the river bed.

Sahasralinga, Sirsi
Sahasralinga: carved lingas in the Shalmala river bed.

The name Sahasralinga means a thousand lingas. As per History, Sadashivraya the King of Sirsi built the Shivlingas in the 17th century (Info courtesy: Wikipedia)

Sahasralinga: small lingam
Unlike other Shivlingas, this lingam had a temple-like structure around it.

The Legend:

The Sirsi King had no children. He approached the Sadhus for advice. They suggested the worship of Shiva, and constructing 1001 Shivlingas to obtain His blessing.

Accordingly, the King ordered the construction of Shivlingas in Shalmala river bed to appease the deity.

Sahasralinga, Karnataka
Due to low water level at the time, we got a good view of the stone lingas.


Sahasralinga is located on the way to Sirsi from Yellapur, and is around 17 km from Sirsi Taluka.

Best time to visit:

Since, I visited in January and had a pleasant time, it is the definitely the best time to visit Sahasralinga. According to Dreamroutes, winters and early summers are the best times to visit the place.

*Lingas is the plural form of Lingam. Lingam is the representation of Shiva. Though you might find idols, and pictures of Shiva in his human form, lingam is the form in which Shiva is universally worshiped.

** Nandi—the bull is considered as the mount of Shiva.

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