Evaluating your health with Thyrocare—a review

The most common mistake everyone makes is that they consider youth as a synonym for health. After a certain age people undergo regular checkup to ascertain that they are healthy, but not younger people. However, statistics shows that young age offers no protection against diseases.

According to NFHS-3, the prevalence of anemia is alarmingly high (56%) among the adolescent girls in India. A recent study reveals 69% of Indians suffer from deficiency of Vitamin D. The changing lifestyle, and stress has also significantly increased the rate of hypothyroidism, and other non-communicable diseases (NCD) and risk factors.

The risk factors causing the non-communicable diseases start early in life. Hence, prevention should also begin early, and not after the onset of the disease. Lifestyle changes, balanced diet, regular exercise, and periodic evaluation of your health can prevent most of these diseases.

Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you’re healthy. It’s better to get a preventive health care checkup every couple of years. I learned it the hard way, when I suffered from a simple ankle sprain which almost didn’t heal due to Vitamin D deficiency. If I’d had a routine check up done, I would have avoided the traumatic aftermath.

But, finding a healthcare service can be a hassle. For me certain parameters are very important while choosing a preventive healthcare lab—reliability, which includes quality, accuracy and efficient service, and convenience. If the health care service is also inexpensive then, it’s an added bonus.

So, when I heard from Thyrocare about the their wellness programme Aarogyam, I was interested to know more about it. I did some research to see whether they met my criteria before using their services.

Thyrocare review

Image Courtesy: Thyrocare Website


Thyrocare has been accredited by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2001, National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) in 2005, and College of American Pathologists (CAP) in 2007. It meets national, and international standards of quality.

Thyrocare has a barcoding system for error-free collection, and processing of samples. I noted the barcode on the vial which was used to collect my blood. Every sample is identified by their barcode, which eliminates any chance of mismanagement of samples, or reports.

Thyrocare offers services across most of the cities in India. Optimised, and seamless automation has ensured that it can provide quality services at affordable rates.

It is very easy to book a test on their website. Thyrocare has well-defined profiles which combines a group of tests together. It also has advanced profiles with tests of similar determinants grouped together. There is a children nutrition, and toxicity profile for children below 15 years.  You can compare the profiles, and select the one which best suits your requirements. Once you book the tests, the service provider will call you within a few hours to confirm your appointment.

As far as convenience is considered, it scores great. Easy booking a test, and service at your doorstep. I had a great experience with my service provider. They were professional—polite, and punctual. In fact, the technicians arrived at my house a few minutes earlier than my appointment time.

Soft copy of the report is delivered to the email id you provide at the time of booking the tests. You’ll have to pay Rs. 35 for the delivery of hard copy of the reports. Frankly, I think they should have added that amount to the tests and provided everyone with a hard copy. Doctors usually like to see a hard copy when they evaluate your results, and decide on the treatment.

Overall, I was satisfied with the services of Thyrocare.

* I received a  review checkup package in exchange for an honest review.




8 thoughts on “Evaluating your health with Thyrocare—a review

  1. Though I have never availed of their services it seems they are pretty good at their job. Thanks for the honest review, Kiran.

  2. I have been their patient since the time I was diaognised with thyroid… Well now the number of service they provide has increased. All I know is totally worth it. Grand post 🙂

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