Haiku --waves

euphoric dancing

waves play tag with the seashore—

the rhythm of being

After writing poems during my school years, I had totally given up poetry. So, few of you might be wondering about my sudden change of heart. It’s the summer. The heat is becoming unbearable. And it’s just April. I don’t even want to think of May.

I’ve heard that attempting something you’ve never done before can cheer you up. So, here’s my first Haiku. It’s on my favourite topic—the sea. I’ll be happy if you offered honest criticism. Be blunt; you won’t offend me easily. 🙂

© K.A. Acharya

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**Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry which captures an image of nature, or a feeling. A traditional haiku consists of 17 onor (Japanese sound unit)in 3 lines. It’s English counterpart consists of 17 syllables in three lines—five in first and third, and seven in second.

46 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Welcome to the league, Kiran 🙂
    I loved your first haiku..great emotion and feeling!
    However, at this very point I wish to clarify that I’m not sure about its technical part..
    Keep it up 🙂

      1. One of the most important ones: The syllable count. A total 17 in 5-7-5, in 3 lines.
        I did not say it might be an issue with your haiku, I only submitted I don’t know whether it follows the prescribed pattern.

        1. I think it does follow the prescribed count pattern. (I’ll check again.) But if you find any other issue, do let me know.
          I’ll remember your advice for my next attempts too. 🙂
          Thank you Amit ji. 🙂

  2. Well, I don’t know much about poetry, but loved the haiku. Especially the last line: ‘The rhythm of being’. It’s so simple that it’s complex! Just like how a haiku should be!

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