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Versatile Blogger Award

I am so happy to have another versatile blogger award. I thank Visala from the bottom of my heart for passing me the award. You can read her post here.



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Awards are a way to appreciate one’s effort but here on WordPress they are more than that. The nomination helps viewers to discover many other great blogs. I am grateful to belsbror, who is an amazing blogger and writer for nominating me for the awards. Thanks for loving my blog.

image216      wordpress-family-award

The rules for this award:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your blog.

  • Write a post and link back to the blogger who nominated you.

  • Nominate 15  other bloggers.

  • Inform them of their nomination via comment in their blog.

  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Seven interesting facts about myself:

1) Dental surgeon, writer and photographer.

2) I love the rains.

3) Desserts are like tears to me. I have them when I am too happy or too sad and sometimes, between the phases.

4) I take time to know people and don’t make friends easily.

5) I love to encourage people to follow their dreams. In fact, I keep it up for so long, that most of them try to follow their dreams just to get me off their back.

6) I am optimist and believe in miracles.

7) As a child I hated writing though I always loved to read. (I still dream of a future when your thoughts would automatically appear on paper when you want and eliminate the process of writing/typing.)

My nominees are:

  1. The Hopeful Herbalist

  2. Stefana Ovesia
  3. gudbyeboredom
  4. Forest So Green
  5. Around us
  6. Straight from my heart
  7. Angelart Star

  8. Bugburry Pond

  9. greenlightlady

  10. Let it come from your heart
  11. My Nascence
  12. Goa secrets
  13. Free flow
  14. Doug’s Writings, Musings and Art
  15. Zany Zach’s Blog