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Two kids playing in the park

Inblogger top postThe park seemed empty, he was early. He pulled down his cap to shield his eyes from the afternoon sun, as he looked around the park for a familiar face. Not finding anyone in the quiet park, he bounced his ball on the ground and tried to catch it. He missed it many times, and the ball rose high above his head; he jumped and still missed.

On the edge of the bench, not very far, sat another kid. When the first kid entered, it looked for a moment, this one would join him to play. He glanced at the other’s spotless blue shirt, pants, and matching shoes. He shook his head, and went back to digging the ground with his toe. He had dug a nice hole when a ball rolled near his toe. He hesitated, afraid of spoiling the smooth exterior of the ball with his rough, cracked hands. He saw suspicious eyes staring at him, and bent to pick the ball. Continue reading Two kids playing in the park