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Vignette: Predawn


Predawn: a vignette

A little crow shattered the dusky silence. Perched on the edge of the roof, it tilted its beak towards the sky, and uttered a high-pitched caw. Its single silhouette against the sky resembled a weather vane.

Was it beckoning the other birds, or the sun, that was yet far below the horizon? Darkness still reigned, the twinkling stars providing a faint illumination. The biting cold of the night had calmed though it did give an occasional shiver.

The crow had company now. A lonely cuckoo started to sing. Its crow friends rattled, and grated. Sparrows cheeped from the nearby branches to join the conversation. A robin, and two pigeons cooed, not wanting to be left out. The crickets, that had taken a break, began chirping again.

The shrill twitters produced a symphonic tone with an incidental screeching tire adding to the din.

A rosebud opened a single petal and said, “I can’t sleep with the noise. Why are they yelling?”

A branch swayed as it exclaimed, “early risers and their morning song! Can’t they see it’s still night?”

Stifling a yawn, the leaf patted the pink bud. “Sweetie, ignore them. You wake when the first sun-ray calls you. Not a second before.”

The leaves rustled singing their own version of lullaby.

Confusion prevailed as the mischievous breeze played around mixing the sweet scent of the night with the fresh fragrance of the dawn.

In literature, a vignette is a short impressionistic scene/episode that focuses on one moment, or gives a snapshot of a character, idea or setting.

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Happy Gudi Padwa// Yugadi

Today is also the first day of the year according to the Hindu Calendar. A very happy, and a prosperous new year to all my readers. May this year bring you a lot of love, and joy.

The difference

The difference

I saw the sea as the silent form of life, patient, calm and gracious. Then, I saw its terrible form, ferocious, wild and destructive. I was confused.

I asked the sea, “which one is the real you? Are you the thoughtful and tolerant one? Or are you the inconsiderate and roaring one?”

The sea smiled and answered, “What’s the difference?”

The difference?

I was stunned. The only similarity I could see was that both the forms were photogenic. I persisted and asked again, “one is the form of life and the other one of death. Which is the real you?

The sea repeated, “what’s the difference?” But, it must have seen my expression for it continued, “I am the complete one.”

the difference

What do you think is the difference?

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