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Wordless Wednesday

I was wandering around (it’s the word I use when I don’t want to say shopping) Korum mall, and saw this advertisement for monsoon sale. Creative ads always manage to impress me.

Monsoon ads

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Vibrant lights

“Where glowing embers through the room Teach light to counterfeit a gloom”

-John Milton

Okay, so these aren’t actually glowing ambers, but these did add to the cheer. We reached Udupi right during the festivities at Shri Krishna Math. A big tent was built to hold the cultural activities, and the roof was decorated with the above string of lights. These lovely lights  delighted me as much as the rest of the celebration.

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Orange in my life

Today is Holi- a festival of colours in India. I hope everyone has a colourful life full of joy, and love.

This week’s  weekly photo challenge is orange. For the challenge, I decided to portray three of my favourite things: Food, nature, and books.  😀

Orange- Meetha khaja
Khaja- Goan dessert made from jaggery.

Khaja is my favourite dessert. It is an Indian sweet prepared from jaggery. It is a delicacy available in Goa, and Konkan region of Maharashtra.

Orange- sunset shades
Sunset at Miramar beach, Goa.

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Abstract photography: Focus

Being focused on your goals is always cherished as a virtue. Sadly, I’ve to admit here, one which I never possessed. I tend to distract easily and need someone to whisper the mantra in my ears,’ concentrate babes’.

Recently, I read a lot of moral stories which repeated how important it was to focus on your goals to be successful. I was so inspired that I had to practise it somewhere. Since, it was not easy in real life I decided to try it in photography. I realized that when you completely focus on something, then everything else goes out of focus. Like this, click to tweet.

You don’t just have to learn to focus in life, the amount is also important. Otherwise, you might reach your goals and lose everything else in the process. As for me, I’ll have to try meditation.