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Hues of the sky – 4

Sunset sky

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Changing clouds

sky- dark
August Sky

“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.”

George Santayana

September – Sky

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Floating clouds from last week

After the thundering visit of the rains, now we are back to the clear skies. Oh, how I miss the clouds!

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Hues of the sky-3


The sky continues to marvel me, the way it keeps on changing. The sky looks different every day but just as beautiful. It serves to remind us that beauty doesn’t have to conform to any parameters.

Hues of the sky
The clouds gathered before the rain.


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Hues of the sky- 2

sky- huesSky gives an important message that nothing is constant except change. It’s the same sky which is can be reddish, bluish or fluffy white depends on when you are watching. Hues of the sky is my attempt to capture the skies at different times.

hues of the sky-2 These pictures are of the evening Mumbai sky  a week prior to the onset of monsoons.


Hues of the sky -1

hues of the sky-1.2 hues of the sky-1