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Let go of the box

When you talk about thinking outside the box, it means that you have accepted the existence of the box. This is how you start drawing the boundaries—the limits, which you try your best to cross. But, you need to understand that the box never existed.
The box is the figment of the society’s imagination. If you accept the existence of the box, then your life revolves in and around the box. Even when you’re thinking outside the box, you’re still thinking in relation to the box itself.
True creativity is understanding that there is no box—no boundaries, no limits. Neither to your imagination; nor for your talent.

Books and imagination

As a first born child, active imagination was my only company for a long time. Pictures are visualiser’s best friends. They help open the vista of imagination, and improve your Dreamland. So, picture books were my favourite then. I used to glance through the pictures without bothering to read anything written (mostly because I hadn’t yet learned ABC).
However, as I grew up I realised pictures are open to interpretation. The story I figured out wasn’t the story, the writer had written. That was when I started reading. I wanted to know what the writer thought.
After reading many books, I came to a conclusion. Nothing can boost your own imagination better than words. Not even the actual picture.
Well written words help you visualise a scene better than a picture. This may seem like a paradox. The truth is you may or may not like a picture painted by someone else. However, a good writer doesn’t paint the scene himself; he provides you with colours to paint the scene as you like it. So a good writer creates a story wherein everyone visualises the scene customized to their own style.
So, if you want to live the story read; if you just want to pass time, watch a movie.


The ruins

The ruins
The Ruins at Hampi, Karnataka
Where people see the ruins,
I see the city—as once it was–
bustling with vigour;
the stones anticipating
frenzied activities instead of
the shadows of nothingness,
the emptiness of the market
filled with haggling buyers,
the forlorn temples once
basking in their glorious grandeur,
the abandoned palaces
proud of their showy splendor,
the haughtiness of the nobility,
the dreams of the residents
before it all crashed,
the forgotten relics serving
as a reminder
that invincibility is
but an illusion;
that all these ruins were
once a thriving city;
and every city hopes,
not to become a ruin one day.
© K.A. Acharya 2018

The road to take

The road to take
A curve on a rainy day

Whenever, life gives an option, I prefer a curve than a straight road. Whenever, you take a straight road, you can see most the road and the obstacles. Everything goes according to the plan, but you lose the zeal at some point in life.

A curve road is a mystery, you don’t know what lies ahead. Whatever plans, you have made can go wrong. That makes it more exciting, you get to make new plans. And sometimes, results are better than your earlier plans. The feeling of satisfaction after the struggle is more appealing than the humdrum routine.

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An enigma

Sea-an enigma

The sea remains an enigma, familiar yet strange.

It seems so vast, limitless, but does have boundaries.

The waves struggle to reach the shore; once they touch the shore, rush back.

The sea is full of water, our prime necessity, yet the water isn’t drinkable.

It serves to show us that you can’t be certain of anything in life.

All you know might be true yet it may not be what you think.




The pet that would have been

I really wanted a pet since childhood but my mother had strict code, ‘you can’t have one till you learn to take care of it’. Since, I never fulfilled the criteria till now, I had to live a life without a pet.The moment I laid my eyes on the black moor in aqualife, I loved it. I wanted to take it home and care for it though my childhood favourite was a puppy.


You must be wondering what happened due to the title which doesn’t say my lovely pet or something to that effect. Actually, I recollected a story I’d read as a child. There was a fisherman Amos who went sea-fishing and was about to catch a very big fish instead the fish catches him. It gave Amos as a pet to his daughter and poor Amos had the worst time of his life. I know what you are thinking. Yes, I have the pungent for remembering the wrong stories at the wrong time.

Naturally, I got to thinking what would have happened if the black moor had loved me and carried me off as a pet in its house. I was sure I wouldn’t have liked it though I really love a life where I don’t have to work and someone would take care of my needs. Then, I thought how can I find out if the black moor loves to stay in the aquarium? I couldn’t.

I came up with a natural conclusion that I couldn’t take it home. I had to be satisfied with a long distance relationship where I hope it’s happy and hopefully it knows that I still love it. I know there isn’t any way that my fish can go back to its real home. I guess not everyone is aware of Amos’ story.


The sea and me

Sunset solitude

My history with the sea goes way back to the moment of my birth. I was born near the sea (in a hospital, of course). To be precise, the hospital was located on the banks of River Mandovi but fifteen minutes from there, and Mandovi meets the Arabian sea. That was my association with the sea. After that I had nothing to do with it. When people go to the beach to enjoy and sometimes, there’s a girl among them who is like  “What’s so great about this?” That girl used to be me much to the irritation of my friends. Frankly, it wasn’t just the sea. I had problem with all water forms except the rain and drinking water.

Then, I started writing and I realized the sea had become my nemesis. Whatever the story was about, the sea managed to creep in it. If the plot had nothing to do with the sea( which was rare much to my annoyance), it took place in a beach town. I had to spend more time editing the sea out than actual writing. After a short period when I spitefully changed the plot just to erase the sea influence, I decided to give us a chance.

My first rendezvous with the sea itself proved yet again that I was foolishly obstinate. I realized that you cannot enjoy the life on earth if you chose to avoid more than 70% of it.