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Evaluating your health with Thyrocare—a review

The most common mistake everyone makes is that they consider youth as a synonym for health. After a certain age people undergo regular checkup to ascertain that they are healthy, but not younger people. However, statistics shows that young age offers no protection against diseases.

According to NFHS-3, the prevalence of anemia is alarmingly high (56%) among the adolescent girls in India. A recent study reveals 69% of Indians suffer from deficiency of Vitamin D. The changing lifestyle, and stress has also significantly increased the rate of hypothyroidism, and other non-communicable diseases (NCD) and risk factors.

The risk factors causing the non-communicable diseases start early in life. Hence, prevention should also begin early, and not after the onset of the disease. Lifestyle changes, balanced diet, regular exercise, and periodic evaluation of your health can prevent most of these diseases. Continue reading Evaluating your health with Thyrocare—a review

The Transformation

Perfection might be an illusion; it doesn’t stop us from wanting to transform ourselves into something/someone we perceive as an ideal. So, when I heard about the web series The Transformation, I was intrigued. Here, transformation is not a hopeless dream, but something that can be achieved .

Tetley Green Tea in association with have developed a one of a kind series which brings reality TV on the web. This 12 episode series will follow 19 contestants as they go from fat to fighting fit, changing their lives to achieve their coveted goal.

This is not the kind of weight lose regime, where people lose their health along with their weight. This unique project aims towards holistic change transforming body and life, where the contestants become fit for fighting. The contestants would learn how to eat, exercise, and incorporate comprehensive lifestyle changes resulting in a long-term success. “Eat right, train hard”–one of the maxims of the show says it all.

Do you know what it takes to train like a Thai boxer,Jiu jitsu fighter, and an athlete? Yeah, it’s going to be tough, and totally worth it. Every ounce of their will-power will be tested. Transformation doesn’t come easy; it has to be earned.

The show will feature 12 episodes and take place over 12 weeks at Bangalore’s state of the art Fitness Fight Club and Circuit Force, under expert trainers, and the chief instructor—an ex-boxer and army man—Austin Prakesh. The contestants of the show range from varied backgrounds: a musician, entrepreneur, make-up artist, RJ, an event manager, a food blogger, and many others.

The stakes are much higher than mere fitness. After 12 weeks, two winners are going to walk away with one lakh cash prize. Yup, someone will emerge not only healthier, but richer too. This is where lives change for the better.

The Transformation offers you a ringside seats to view the life-changing journey of these contestants as they fight through the vigorous obstacles, and the competition. You’ll be privy to their first attempt at boxing, their joys of surviving hardships, and their sorrows at elimination.

Why should you watch The Transformation:

Imagine 19 people turning their life inside out to achieve what they want. This kind of motivation is bound to rub on you.

Now, you don’t have to wonder what kind of food helps to stay fit. You can see for yourselves.

Contests bring out hidden traits in people—the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, a definite entertainment.

Reality web series means you get to watch the true stories in real time instead of scripted versions.

Need I say more? The show went live on 14th October 2015. Tune in to watch the live series on The Transformation, and for great tips on healthy eating, and exercise.

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Review: Aplava

The first time I heard the word Aplava was when Shristi from Sheroes called me for a review. Later, I found that Aplava is a Sanskrit word, which means taking a bath to purify oneself – an ablution process of cleansing oneself. And I thought, what an apt name for a beauty website!

I was intrigued, and suspicious.

For me, the first factor in buying any cosmetic product is trust. There is no way I’d risk using any duplicate stuff. When I saw that Aplava deals directly with manufacturers/authorized dealers, I was relieved. Continue reading Review: Aplava

#FollowthegenX – Friends, fun, and a fabulous drive

When I applied for #FollowthegenX drive on Indiblogger, I’d thought nothing could dampen my excitement if I get selected. You see, though I’ve been blogging for about two years, I had never met any bloggers in person before. Here was an opportunity to meet about two dozen bloggers. Plus a road trip with challenges sounded awesome.When I was selected, I literally (not figuratively) jumped up, and down.

And it was just the next day, I was thinking about excuses to ditch the trip. Why? Because I had to get up at 5 O’ clock on a Sunday morning. I have never got up at 5. Not for school, college, or clinic. Not even for my old, tried and tested friends. (They are smart enough never to ask that from me.) After many second, third and fourth thoughts, I decided why not?

So, there I was, in the bus which was supposed to take us to Pune with the other bloggers who looked as sleepy as I felt. After a preliminary round of introductions, there wasn’t any excitement in the journey. Even if there was, being asleep I might’ve missed it.

#FollowthegenX flag off Continue reading #FollowthegenX – Friends, fun, and a fabulous drive

Cancer treatment in Mumbai

Cancer is still the most dreaded disease. I remember the first time, I witnessed the reaction of a patient’s relatives, when they found out about the possibility of cancer. It is overwhelming for a patient, as also for his relatives, and friends to find out about cancer. Your feelings are a mixture of fear, anxiety, anger, sorrow, and a tinge of hope.

Talk about your feelings. Read about the people who fought cancer, and won. Most of the cancers have a good chance of cure or prolonged survival if detected early. There are many cancer hospitals in Mumbai with state of the art technology, which offer good treatment modalities.

Cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells. Normal cells have a definite life span, and they die at the end of it (by a process called apoptosis). Cancer cells continue to divide without stopping. Cancer can affect any type of body part from skin, and muscles to the vital organs.

Once diagnosed with cancer, you need an oncologist. An oncologist is a medical professional, who specializes in treatment of cancer. Your family doctor might refer you to an oncologist or you can search online for oncologists in Mumbai. Find an oncologist with whom you feel comfortable, and who treats your type of cancer.

There are six types of oncologists:

  • Medical oncologist: He treats cancer with the help of drugs, i.e. chemotherapy or hormonal therapy.

  • Surgical oncologist: Focuses on treating cancer with surgical removal of the tumor. He also performs biopsies.

  • Radiation oncologist: Specializes in treating cancer with radiotherapy.

  • Pediatric Oncologist: Specializes in treating cancer in children.

  • Gynecologic Oncologist: Specializes in treating cancer in women with gynecological cancers.

  • Hematologist Oncologist: Specializes in treating cancer of blood.

The first three oncologists normally work together to treat a person with cancer. Principle treatment modalities include Radiation therapy, Surgery, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, and Hormonal therapy. One or more than one treatment modalities may be used for effective cancer treatment.

When you’re looking for cancer institutes in Mumbai, you have to check the Tata Memorial Centre located in Parel, Mumbai. It is a national comprehensive center for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

It admits cancer patients in two categories: as a general patient, who receives subsidized treatment rates, or a private patient. Online patient registration facility is also available. When the patient is admitted, he is enrolled in a disease management group so that he benefits from the expertise of the specialized doctors of the group.

The main aim of cancer diagnosis, and treatment planning is to cure the cancer and totally eradicate the tumor, or control the tumor growth to prolong the life of the patient, and to improve the quality of life of the cancer survivors.

Facing cancer is one of the hardest thing anyone can do in life. But remember Nikolai Lenin’s words, “the most important thing in illness is never to lose heart”.

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Best Places for Diagnostic imaging in Mumbai

Diagnostic imaging is the use of imaging techniques to get a clue about patient’s disease. These imaging techniques help the doctor look inside your body without the need for any invasive procedures.

Diagnostic imaging is very important in confirming the diagnosis, assessing treatment options, and checking the course of the disease. In short, diagnostic imaging ensures that the patient receives accurate evaluation of their ailments, and effective treatment.

Though the rural India is still lagging behind the modern world in terms of progress in medicine, our cosmopolitan Mumbai is certainly up to date in that respect. You have a variety of choices in diagnostic imaging in Mumbai.

Mumbai has many private hospitals as well as public hospitals which have integrated radiological departments providing these options. Also there are many imaging centres not affiliated with any hospitals.

What are the important things to take into account in choosing a diagnostic center? The first thing to consider is proximity of the center to the residence. You wouldn’t want to go all the way from Borivali to Colaba for a CT Scan in Mumbai. The next thing is the reliability of the center, and quality of the images. The quality of images depends on the machine used for diagnosis. A low quality image means compromised diagnosis. Then, the cost of the procedure is also a deciding factor for some patients. Continue reading Best Places for Diagnostic imaging in Mumbai

Plastic Surgery in Mumbai

Mumbai –  the city of dreams – has a very high glamor quotient. And it isn’t only because it is home to Bollywood. Be it the Queen’s necklace of Marine Drive, or the enchanting beaches, Mumbai has its own magic. Is it any wonder that the city is growing to be the cosmetic surgery capital of the country?

Medical tourists visit the country for plastic surgery in Mumbai. One of the reasons for this is the good quality of treatment offered at a lower price than in countries like UK or US. These people are in for a double treat – plastic surgery along with sightseeing. Not just the foreign tourists, but the trend in India is also leaning towards plastic surgeries.

Plastic surgery is a speciality in medicine concerned with reconstruction or repair of body parts, either to treat an injury, or for improving their appearance. Plastic surgery is divided into two branches: cosmetic surgery, which aims at improving looks, and reconstructive surgery aiming to improve function.

Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure which changes or enhances normal physical appearance. Most common cosmetic surgery procedures are liposuction, facelifts, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty (nose jobs).

Cosmetic surgery has its appeal to people of all age, and gender. It defies both time and genetics. It helps a person to look better, and feel better. Sometimes, a person opting for cosmetic surgery can have underlying psychological problems such as depression.

Earlier, cosmetic surgery was popular only in celebrities. However, cosmetic surgery in Mumbai has shown a steady rise. Now, vanity is high on the list of  the rich as well as the middle class. And why not? There isn’t anything wrong in wanting to look different. When you’re confident of your beauty, your self esteem rises too.

There are also times when cosmetic surgery goes wrong. This can indeed be stressful for a person. However, It can be corrected. You can opt for a correctional surgery in Mumbai.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed to correct aesthetic form, and functional impairment. The defect may be caused by congenital abnormalities like cleft lip and palate, or acquired deformities from burns, accidents or cancer surgery. Though it is done to improve function, it might also aim to restore normal appearance.

Some people might view plastic surgery as a fad, but it is much more than that. It is a boon for people with developmental defects or those, who have suffered from accidents. As for the cosmetic surgery branch, when people aren’t happy with themselves, it impairs their personal, and professional life. I have known people, who never smiled because they had crooked teeth. Plastic surgery changes people’s perception about themselves, and makes them happy.

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