A long way to Swachh Bharat

A long way to swachh India
Littered Road-side, Karjat

Swachh Bharat campaign is getting a momentum. It has become a trend talking about cleanliness and hygiene. That is about the only thing most of the people do. Sadly, everyone isn’t ready to act for the cause. Taking a broom for a day isn’t going to achieve clean India, or if it does achieve it, it’ll be for a day.

Maybe we should have a clean India day. On that day, we all can clean the streets, and the country will sparkle if only for a day. And the rest of the year we can go back to our regular irresponsible self.

If we want something permanent, we have to try and break the habit of considering the streets our personal trash can. After about three months of the campaign, the streets are still littered with trash, and the trash cans when present are still never maintained. 😦

As to the stray animals, I personally feel it’s cruelty to animals letting them loose on the streets, prone to accidents. Many a times, poor dogs meet with a horrible fate under some fast moving wheels. But then, in a country which can’t care for half of its people, it’s useless to expect the authorities to bother about caring for stray animals.

12 thoughts on “A long way to Swachh Bharat

  1. Totally agreeing with you, Kiran. Yes, many of those who complaint India isn’t clean, are hiding their heads when they are asked to work. Yes, we need to have a national cleaning day possibly every month? Or as our PM said, an hour or two weekly? But, it has to be compulsory for all. Yes, we need well maintained trash cans. Yes, we need to think of the stray animals too. I think, we need to have CC cameras in the public places so that people can be punished for throwing trash on the road. The fines collected can be used in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan itself.

    Hmm, I am happy at least I am not throwing any waste on the road. I know, this is not enough to keep India clean. But, something is better than nothing right?

    1. Thanks Sindhu. Something is definitely better. When everyone does their bit, something becomes everything. I hope everyone follows your example. I totally agree we need many more measures for the campaign as well as actual co-operation from the people.
      Have a great day!

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