Losing the herd

It’s always easier to stick with the herd. There’s safety in numbers; you don’t have to worry about taxing your brain. No need to think for yourself. If everybody believes the same thing, then it has to be right. And there’s that wonderful feeling of belonging to a huge group. Unity is strength, right?

But then, some people are idiots. They don’t like being part of a wholesome community. They want to preserve their individuality, their sense of independence. They have this weird belief that truth is not the trophy of a popularity contest. They keep on fighting for their odd notion of truth, even when no one believes them.

Their friends in the community keep calling them back. They keep warning them of dangers from wolves, and worse (the fabled wolf in sheep’s clothing), but they ignore such worldly wisdom. They say, “ I’m not afraid of wolves. Wolves are just wild dogs.”

The community is shocked at such statements. They ask, “not afraid of wolves! Whoever heard of such nonsense? And what about lions and tigers? But of course, you must think of them as just forest cats.” The community shakes their head in disgust.

But these strange individuals keep going their way. The path where rationality and logic prevails more than a consensus; the path where truth and kindness are more important than public applause. It’s a lonely road. And the only thing which keeps them going is the knowledge, that they are humans. And humans don’t have to be a sheep, or wolf, or lion, or even a tiger. Humans only need to retain their humanity.

© K.A Acharya 2021

Image Courtesy: DarkmoonArt_de on Pixabay. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.


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